Prokom PrzewodyThe Prokom Sp. z o.o. production offer in particular is:
-    elastic hydraulic and pneumatic hoses (brakes, clutches, fuel, for gearboxes, lifting cabins, compressors, etc.)
-    hydraulic hoses for tractors and agricultural machinery,
-    indicators breakers
-    transmitters controllers,
-    leadsto inflatingtires
-    production of details by method of cuttingfinished machined.
We deliver our products both as original equipment for car factories (OEM) as well as the secondary market for spa re parts (OES and I AM) fora wide range of vehicles:
-    lorries
-    vans,
-    passenger cars
-    tractors and agricultural machinery
-    and motorcycles.
Products of Prokom Sp. z.o.o. are well known for their high quality and reliability, which has been confirmed by numerous certificates. We export our products to the largest European countries.
Thanks to our commitment to constant development and adapting to the current needs of customers and the market, and also our skilled employees the Prokom Sp. z.o.o. has been recognized as a worthy business partner what is confirmed by numerous recommendations.
We invite you to contact with our company.